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Michaela-Matochova_copyMichaela Matochová

Program director

Your favourite The Little Gym story? 

- The Little Gym is one great story for me!!

How did you get interested in sports?
- My parents lead me to sports since I was small child (Skiing, Biking, tennis). I fell in love with basketball and for long 20 years I did it competitively. I had to quit after a knee injury. Since then I love mountain running!!

What ​do you love to do in your free time?
- I like to move all the time. And when I stop… I like to read!

What can't you live without? ​
- I can’t live without my great man, who is not only my life partner, but also my running partner J I also can’t live without meat…

Where ​have you lived?
- I was born in a beautiful town Krnov. I studied few years in Olomouc. I traveled a lot – the berry fields in Scotland were amazing! I was a teacher in a small village Jindřichov. And since my career started in The Little Gym, I live in Ostrava.